XRM: Not Your Mother's CRM Solution

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Platform has been steadily progressing into a robust application platform that offers a wealth of features provided to alleviate many headaches of everyday .NET programming. While originally geared towards Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it has since evolved into a more generic XRM, where “X” is a variable for “Any” Relationship Management. Providing OOTB features such as Security, Workflow, Reporting, UI generation, Data modeling, and MS Office Integration, XRM offers a number of advantages that make it a competitive option for Web-based development.

Level: 200

Speaker: Sheila Shahpari

Topics: .NET Framework


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    bill.benjamin8/6/2011 9:22:33 PM

    This was a great session that covered some basic Dynamics CRM concepts as well as dove into some of the custom development options that are available. The session was jam packed with content and the presenter did a great job sticking to what was important.